Services for environmental protection

WE GUARANTEE: waste collection, completed at the latest within 48 hours from the time of sending the order, safe transport of waste operated by carriers holding appropriate ADR permits, complete assumption of responsibility for waste from the time of its receipt, including waste transfer card.

About us

EKO SERWIS is a "force"of the task performing team. We have a staff with many years experience in the field of environmental protection, logistics and management, thereby in a professional manner, in accordance with the spirit of ecology, we adapt cooperation to individual customer needs. Our standard is the high quality at a European level and customer satisfaction, which was crowned with the title of "Partner of Polish Ecology" at the National Ecological Contest "Environmentally Friendly" under the Honorary Patronage of the President of Poland. This achievement confirms our responsible attitude in activity provided and also obliges us to take further, bigger challenges.


  • - collection and transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, ie .:
    • waste, overworked, transformer, gear, bilge, hydraulic and other oils,
    • drilling wastes,
    • oil filters, oily cleaning rags,
    • rubber and plastics waste
  • - reception of liquid waste from watercrafts,
  • - storage of marine fuels and marine oils,
  • - tank, industrial boilers, chimneys, pipes, exhaust ducts, clarifiers cleaning,
  • - neutralization of unpleasant odors,
  • - environmental protection works,
  • - scrapping of watercrafts,
  • - selling destabilized blend for the construction of roads, highways, flood embankments,
  • - reclamation of municipal waste landfills,
  • - plant construction of degassing wells,
  • - reception of sludge from sewage treatment plants,
  • - reception of various types of chemical reagents,
  • - reception of materials containing asbestos
  • - reception of waste aviation fuels
  • - reception of obsolete pesticides
  • - reception of expired beverages and bulk products
  • - collection of ash, slag, metallurgical skimmings
  • - collection of waste / effluents from fish processing
  • - reception of spent catalytic converters


  • - emptying flooded basements
  • - export of water from flooded premises
  • - emptying rainwater tanks
  • - emptying separators
  • - export of septic tanks

We have a slurry tanker with a capacity of 18m3 ready for departure 24 hours a day.

For all of the provided work we have the appropriate decisions and permits. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by phone or email. We invite you to cooperation.


The company Ekoserwis Sp. z.o.o. [Ltd] which is investing in ecology, has offered a professionally prepared, technically and cost-optimized design of industrial biogas plant that uses agri-food waste to produce methane.

Our project provides installation for the production of biogas and the production of electricity and heat in cogeneration up to 2 MW with electrical and gas connections.

The biogas plant will be located in Western Pomerania, the town of Pyrzyce, precinct 1, land plot No. 41, near the route Stargardzka in the immediate vicinity of the sewage treatment plant. Installations location was intentionally selected on the specified territory to avoid confusion with social issues related to possible emissions that may arise during the fermentation process as well as after its completion. Pyrzyce commune is pro-ecological and a friendly entrepreneur.

The project holds the necessary decisions, permits, contracts:

  • - optimized technology for biogas production,
  • - the decision on building conditions,
  • - positive opinion of the sanitary,
  • - decision approving the "Project of geological works for the execution of the deep well"
  • - terms of connection to the electricity grid of ENEA Operator Sp. z.o.o [Ltd],
  • - lease agreement on plot 41 in Pyrzyce allows its sale in case of the authorization of the construction,
  • - agreement on the batch size of 14 thousand Mg annually for biogas plant, the remaining part is being negotiated.
  • - the decision on environmental conditions of the permision to implement the project, which allows the use of such raw materials for biogas production:
    • waste from food production (waste vegetables, fruit pomace, waste fats and cheese, whey, waste of gelatin and starch, distillers grains, brewers grains)
    • waste from livestock production (slurry, manure, dry manure)
    • slaughterhouse waste K2 and K3
    • wastes from crop production (cereal waste, waste from forages)
    • wastes from the production of bio-fuels (rapeseed middlings, glycerine phase)
    • energy plants from targeted crops (cereals, including corn, root plants, rape, lucerne) - 5-10% of the entire process.

Currently Ekoserwis is in discussions concerning:

  • - obtaining veterinary authorization,
  • - the implementation of deep well,
  • - changes in "Waste Management Plan for the West Pomeranian Province for the years 2012-2017 with the perspective for the years 2018-2033",
  • - post-ferment pulp management,
  • - the recipient of thermal energy.

The request for subsidies will be submitted at the beginning of 2015., At the time of the launch of new programs.

We would like to highlight that the biogas plant is already profitable at the moment of waste acceptance to be processed and brings additional income due to sale of gained electricity and heat.

Currently, there is created a special purpose company Biogas Sp z o.o [Ltd.], which will take over all the decisions and contacts.

Contact information

EKO SERWIS Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.]
ul. Milczańska 30A
70-107 Szczecin
NIP: 851-294-96-39
REGON: 320134827
KRS: 0000251049

30A Milczańska St.
70-107 Szczecin
tel./fax: +48 91 453 96 09
e-mail: biuro@ekoserwis.szczecin.pl

Małgorzata Lohner: Chairman Of The Board
Monika Plata: Manager for the administration and office
tel.: 510 286 244

Sales Office
tel.: 504 445 316

Branch in Gdańsk
(at the Gdansk Ship Repair Yard „Remontowa” S.A.)
1 Na Ostrowiu St
80-958 Gdańsk
tel: +48 58 307 13 88
e-mail: ekoserwisgdansk@gmail.com

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